Correctional Services Canada Clients

Along with specializing in treatment for men, Seven South Street Treatment Centre also has a contract with Correctional Services Canada to help male offenders suffering from addictions.

As all clients will be included in the same program to deal with their disease and personal issues, CSC clients will also have the opportunity to deal with:

  • Breaking free of any institutional behaviours and beliefs
  • Breaking the cycle of any criminal mindset
  • Guilt and shame associated with current/past offences
  • Dealing with any stigma/stereotype attached to being an offender
  • Any fears associated with reintegrating into the community

Gordon Residence

Gordon Residence is a division of Seven South Treatment Centre therefore depending on personal situations, CSC clients may also continue to reside at Seven South Street after successful completion of the program by transferring over to Gordon Residence. At this time clients may find employment or attend school while still having the support of individual counselling, the Aftercare program and a structured environment. This slower reintegration into the community assists clients in establishing a successful recovery plan and minimizes the possibility of re-offending.
Correctional Services Canada clients that do not require treatment can also apply to be a resident of Gordon Residence as we are here to support men back into the community. It is a clean and sober environment that does offer parking to residents. Residents are supported in establishing and working towards goals and objectives consistent with their Correctional Treatment Plan.

How to Apply

Correction Service Canada clients may contact Seven South Street Treatment Centre by mail or through your Parole Officer to request an application.
Mail may be sent to:
Seven South Street Treatment Centre
7 South Street
Orillia, ON
L3V 3T1