Seven South Street Treatment Centre’s program is a high intensity three month client directed, abstinence based program. The program uses evidence based techniques to facilitate a comprehensive, yet flexible program and individual treatment plan.   Our goal is to address the underlying issues, not just the symptoms of addiction.

Our recovery and relapse prevention program includes orientation and educational components that prepare clients for the intensity of the program and to dismantle denial. It includes groups such as cross addiction, power and control, men’s issues in recovery, communication, developing twelve step support, and an introduction to the first few steps of the twelve step program.

The intensive part of the program’s objective is to gain personal insights into character defects, to challenge irrational thinking and begin the healing process necessary for recovery.  The goal is achieving honesty, adherence to the recovery plan created, and to learn to self-monitor thoughts through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques. In order to assist clients in achieving these objectives, groups such as guilt and shame, depression, getting rid of resentments, problem solving, group therapy and many more have been incorporated.

Relapse prevention is to prepare a strong discharge plan. It prepares clients for a successful reintegration into the community including employment, school, stable social relationships and post release adjustment. In order to assist client’s with this transition a long-term recovery plan is developed and a reasonable discharge plan is prepared.

One-on-one counselling is offered during the entire program.  Clients are to compete a life history and maintain a daily journal.

Because we are based off of a Bio-Psycho-Social model of recovery we also offer a holistic approach to recovery:

  • Yoga and Meditation and Breath Work provided by: Billy Brown
    Yoga and Meditation and Breath work
  • Fitness and Karate provided by: Sensei Philip Allain
    Fitness and Karate
  • Mindful and guided meditation
  • Art and creative expression


Aftercare is offered once a week to current residents, graduates and to men that have graduated from another treatment program. Aftercare is offered both in person and through Zoom. Men interested in attending Aftercare can call 705-325-3566 or email for the Zoom meeting link.

Other Program Components

  • One-on-one counselling
  • A.A./N.A. meetings
  • Urinalysis testing
  • Family mediation (at client’s request)
"...Since he has been at your facility, the change in our son is overwhelming. It is such a pleasure to talk to him now and I'm so looking forward to seeing him in the spring. There were many times when it wasn't very pleasant to be with him and each day I would wonder if this was the day I would find out that he was homeless or worse, that he had died. I want to thank each one of you personally for giving me my son back and I hope you know how much you have healed our whole family..."